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Live Now Association:

Freedom, Joy and Success is Your True Nature.

Heaven on Earth is Your Birthright.

We are born to live as effortlessly and as joyfully and as freely as the birds in this picture.  As children, we do live that way.  Then, as we become adults, something happens.  A process begins and our lives slowly become heavier and heavier until it is an effort for us just to get through the day.  Even for the most successful at living, life consists of coping with various challenges.  Coping is still effort.  Most of us are weighted down with responsibilities.  Our goals are often obstructed by our own internal failings.  Stress, anxiety, depression, and fear fill our lives.  We stand in the way of our own success.  So, relief often comes in the form of alcohol, drugs and other addictions and diversions.  We look forward to "happy hour" and the weekends because we can't "really" be happy at work during the week and we only "really" feel alive on the weekends. 

There is a better way.  Live Now Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to effortless, joyful, successful living.  This is made possible through a unique mental health method called "Live Now Talk Therapy" or simply "Talking With Al".  Live Now Talk Therapy  was developed by William "Al" Mejia.  It was the direct result of his own personal growth process:  Al had a very troubled life.  He was abused as a young child and unwanted by his father.  As a young adult he became a raging alcoholic.  He lost large amounts of money.  He attempted suicide several times.  Finally, after surviving a deadly crash in his Cadillac, Al's desperation and the feeling that something was preventing him from ending it all, led to years of what he described as: "working on himself".  Al discovered a way to slowly but permanently free himself from the psychological imbalances that were blocking his success in life.  He became noticeably more happy and positive.  When other people saw the changes in Al, they began asking him to help them, too.  He found that simply through talking with them, he could guide others through the same process that he had gone through by himself.  Al worked with a variety of mental health conditions: from schizophrenia, to alcoholism and addictions, to what we commonly refer to as "normal".

William "Al" Mejia

Live Now Talk Therapy is an alternative
 to meditation, psychiatry, psychology, counseling, spiritual counseling, family counseling, life coaching, mental health counseling and success counseling.  Those of you who are looking for solutions to life problems, will find your answers here.  Those of you on a spiritual path or curious about taking a spiritual journey, will find what you are looking for here.  Many of the books that talk about spiritual enlightenment are not able to provide you with the tools to actually attain it.  Any of you who have experienced brief moments of real "awareness", are familiar with how quickly you return to your "old" self.  With the tools that you receive from Live Now, your moments of "awareness" will increase in number and last longer and longer until you remain there.  You will be led to the point of your own discovery.  There is no need to go to a monastery or a cave to do this.  You won't spend hours meditating.  You start from where you're at and remain a working member of society during the entire process. 

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