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About Live Now

Live Now Talk Therapy is a method of guiding a person to change their focus of living; from living mostly through their thought processes to living through their intuition, their inner knowing.  A person comes to see that they are not the thinking (the voice inside your head) that they believed was them all along.  They are their inner nature, the God given intuition that is the clear, permanent, reliable, unchanging, inspirational and knowing part of them.  As a result of this change of focus from thought to intuition and from outer being to inner being, psychological and emotional imbalances disappear.  Life becomes easier.  The person is able to proceed with life unimpeded by internal barriers to success.

The Live Now Talk Therapy process consists of a series of phone consultations.  Through these informal consultations you will be provided with the techniques and guidance that will enable you to change your focus from thought to intuition.  The number of consultations and the length of treatment will vary with each person and the depth of their individual imbalances.  The fee schedule for the phone consultations is $100.00/hour.  Many of the talk sessions will last 20 minutes so the fee per session is usually 1/3rd of $100.00 or $33.33.  If this amount is a hardship for some clients a lower amount may be negotiated.

William Al Mejia had been practicing Live Now Talk Therapy since about 1972.  He developed Live Now Talk Therapy totally on his own and without any formal education or preparation for the process.  The only significant education and experience that he received concerning this therapy was the direct result of personally going through the Live Now process alone. 

Al passed away in March of 2008 from a severe stroke.  For those of us who worked with Al, he won't be around any longer to call about a problem that just came up.  He won't be available to go out to dinner to talk over recent developments in one's life.  But, he hasn't left us unprepared for his passing.  His work lives on in the many people whose lives he touched.  The lucky ones have years of Al's advice and counseling to draw from.  His desire was to provide a program for living a centered and blessed life for all people.  This web site is part of an effort to honor and continue his work.  There are people who have successfully gone through the Live Now process with Al and they are available for consultation in his place.

Getting Started: To begin the Live Now process, simply ask yourself out loud: "what do I need to do now?" before beginning any activity.  The thinking (the voice inside your head) will quickly have an answer for you or it will "think" it already knows what to do and doesn't need to ask.  DON'T do what the thinking says.  Wait for your intuition to answer and do what the intuition says or "knows" to do.  The best place to feel the intuition answer is in your chest area.  You are taking the first step toward living without thinking.  You can proceed through your day in this manner; going from one activity to another; following your intuition and not your thinking.  Ask yourself out loud: "what do I need to do now?"  and wait for your intuition to answer and do what it says to do.  If you are with company and can't ask out loud, you can whisper the question or you can at least move your lips to mouth the question.  It is important that you are asking the question out loud and not thinking the question.  This simple technique will begin the process of separating from your thinking.  It will quickly begin to simplify and lighten your life.  You will experience the difference between YOU and thinking as YOU do the asking and YOU feel your intuition and YOU do the doing.  Don't think!  Experiment with this technique as often as you can remember to do it.  If you forget, simply begin again when you remember.

After practicing this technique for several days, you will notice its effect begin to wear off.  This is the result of the thinking catching up with you again and taking over and living you and thinking it is you doing the technique.  It becomes harder to see which one is the thinking and which is the intuition (the intuition is the real you).  At this point, it is necessary to talk with someone who has been through the Live Now process to clarify for you which one is the thinking and which is you.  This guidance is normally done during an informal telephone conversation.  Through a series of these conversations, you will put distance between the real you and the thinking.  Positive changes will occur in you life and and you will experience the blessings that have been waiting for you to claim them for yourself.

  Steve Emig is continuing Al's Live Now work.  Steve was 34 when he met Al in 1982.  Steve's life was not working well.  He had been jumping from one career idea to another and not accomplishing anything.  He was stuck and going nowhere.  Al helped him to see the way of thinking that was causing the difficulties and to change it.  His life immediately began to improve.  He was finally able to stick with things until they were finished.  His life stopped crumbling and began to build on solid accomplishments.  Steve has been doing Live Now ever since.  The 26 years Steve spent talking with Al have prepared him to assist anyone with the Live Now process.  Steve will be happy to answer any questions or talk to anyone about Live Now.  Feel free to give him a call any time.

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Due to the difficulty of explaining in words the details of this therapy, you are encouraged to watch the videos and read through the various testimonials for further information and evidence of its effectiveness.

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