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Videos & Testimonials 

Please excuse the poor quality of the following 4 videos featuring Al Mejia 

from 1984.  These are the only recordings that Al ever made.  In these videos Al 

gives an excellent introduction to Live Now and the freedom to succeed.

 The following videos are examples of Live Now counseling sessions.  This is where much of the Live Now "work" that you do on your own in your daily life is clarified and supported. In time you are able to stay centered in your inner knowing and not get lost in the "thinking" that has been causing all the difficulties in your life.


To Whom It May Concern:

It is a distinct pleasure to introduce  William Alfonso Mejia, who I have known, as a mentor and a friend, for twenty-two years.  Most of us know him as Al. 

I had the good fortune of being a part of a group that Al facilitated for approximately four years.  The group demographics were comprised of men and women from many different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.  The common theme of the group was the struggle to overcome thought patterns associated with addictions and mental health syndromes.

I  found Al's techniques and approach to working in this area to be ground breaking and profound.  The people who participated in this group, myself included, experienced staggering and dynamic results.  Al Mejia has the unique ability to pull people out of deeply ingrained negative patterns by the power of his presence.

His heightened awareness gently brings people out of dark and scary places as he exposes the truth inherent in any given situation.   I witnessed Al assist people with dissolving mental blocks, and erroneous thought patterns by guiding them back to their own true self, or what Al refers to as the person's own 'inner knowing'.  And then Al nurtures people in their efforts to maintain presence and awareness.  I have witnessed many success stories that were truely miraculous.

Al Mejia has an energy that comes through him, as it were, that pierces through fallacies, touching the soul in ways I have never witnessed in anyone else.  Moreover, Mr. Mejia communicates in ways that helps one understand that which cannot be understood by the intellect.  He communicates, genuinely, through his spirit, to the human heart.  Al is truly a gifted and remarkable human being.  Anything he can do to be a part of assisting people in their efforts to heal will yield positive results.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




I met Al in the early 80s.  It was a difficult time in my life.  I was trying to be an actor at night and I worked in a plant nursery during the day.  These were just the latest in a string of vocations that I had tried for a while and eventually given up on.  

Al and I talked whenever he came into the nursery.  We talked about spiritual enlightenment.  I had read many books on the subject, particularly those of J. Krishnamurti.  I had given up on the idea as being beyond my reach.  Al assured me it wasn't.  He said many people write about enlightenment, but don't show you how to attain it.  

Al gave me a simple tool.  Before you do something, ask yourself "what do I need to do now?", then wait for your intuition to answer.  "When you hear the answer, do what you know you need to do".  "Don't think!"  "Observe and do what you need to do".   I would ask myself this question before each thing I did, or at least as often as I could remember to do it.  It didn't matter that I forgot sometimes.  Only that I continued asking when I remembered to.  Then I would talk with Al about what was troubling me at the moment. 

At that time I was depressed a lot.  So, we talked about that.  He would ask me "who is depressed?"  "Spirit is not depressed."  "Your toes are not depressed."  "Where are you ?"  I began to see that it was only my thinking or ego that was depressed.  Not me.  I slowly stopped being depressed. 

I began to see that I wasn't my thinking.  I was slowly erasing life long recordings that my brain had been lugging around all my life.  I couldn't have done the process alone.  I needed Al there to keep me going in the right direction.  The thinking quickly learned the Live Now process and thought it was doing it.  It continually tried to catch up and live me again.  I  stuck with the process until the thinking  weakened and could no longer catch up with me.  Life became lighter and easier as I stayed "being in the being of life". 

I began to change in many ways.  Things started to happen for me.  I became interested in business.  I took a job as a nursery manager in San Diego County.  I did a lot of traveling to foreign countries.  I learned 2 foreign languages.  Now, I have a private practice in Classical Homeopathy.  I've discovered that helping people with their health is something that I truly love doing.  I live in beautiful coastal Encinitas in north San Diego County. 

I still use the life tools that Al gave me so long ago.  You don't lose anything when you stop thinking.  You gain everything!  The best of which is the heavenly feeling that comes to you as part of the Live Now process.




The following was used in a workshop Al gave in California:

Externalizing the inner person


I recognize a duality in my self.

I accept that the accumulated thoughts or old tapes in the thinking have created the life that I have come to experience.

I accept that the born inner-being within me, intuitively, will lead me, unencumbered, through life.

I take time to contemplate, be still and recognize the multiplicity of thoughts that cross my brain, and quietly write them down.

I write down everything the “thinker” or “head” tells me to do.  Rather than do what the “head” says, I do what I need to do.

I freely talk out all the thoughts and responses to another understanding person, so that I can see the truth behind the thinking.  Then, over time, the old tapes, the habit patterns, the cycles and controls the "head" uses on me, can be permanently eliminated.

I stay busy doing what I need to do…no thinking.

While in the doing, when I recognize the head beginning to take over, I STOP EVERYTHING, look at the thinking and go back to doing what I need to do.  If I can’t get out of my head, I call an understanding person who is also getting out of his head, who will help me come back to the inner me.

I release all people, places, or things, or habits I have held on to, either through resentment or guilt, or by actions I have taken in the past.  I discuss them with the person involved, when possible.  When not possible, I discuss them with a person who understands and is also becoming the inner self.

I maintain contact with my inner-power, asking it for guidance and direction in my every action.

This workshop is to share TODAY’S EXPERIENCES - how we transcend the problems we have been governed by, and how we feel while in the process of change.  We arrive at the reality of life through the use of universal principles.




 I have known Steve Emig for several years now. He is a remarkable individual. Not only

knowledgeable in his field but with an uncanny knack for understanding the human

condition, he provides, in life counseling, an invaluable service for those of us with

psychological, emotional, and social needs.

I met Steve while working with my great-uncle, Al Mejia. Al, Steve, I, and others,

share a warmth and concern for bettering humanhood. I recommend to those close to

me, including family and close friends, consulting Steve Emig with their health and

psychosocial needs. Steve has helped me immensely with my issues related to anxiety,

both through counseling and homeopathy. I am deeply grateful.




Jesse Rodriguez


Steve: So Denise, you've been doing Live Now for about a year, would you be willing to give any advise or suggestions to someone just starting out?

Denise: Yes. I will share. First, Keep Going. No matter what is happening in your life, just keep doing what you need to do. For myself, at first, and for awhile, as I was observing the thoughts, so that I could recognize the patterns, it seemed overwhelming. But then, I was able to see that the brain was the one causing the feelings of being overwhelmed. As you observe what is happening in the brain, you come to see how much of your life is being taken away from You by the thoughts. As I continued to talk to the brain and let it know that I was absolutely great without all of its chatter about my life, it became more and more easy to catch the thoughts right away. As Steve says, "it takes what it takes". As I continue, I am able to live my life without the brain coming in and attempting to decide for me. I am much more able to live based on my intuitive feelings about things. 
Have a wonderful day!

Steve: Thanks for your input Denise. How does is feel to not have the thoughts running things all the time?

Denise: It feels great! It feels natural and I feel like I am just being and doing. There is something that happens where I am able to see and be more of "me" without all the expectations and ideas that the brain wants to throw at me.


Our 20 year old son was struggling with many issues, from addiction to depression to low self esteem. When I found Steve it was out of a real desperation to find help for our son. Steve offered a drug-free approach to life and mental health. Steve has been working with our son for the past 4+ months and we have all seen small but steady improvements. Our son is getting real tools to deal with life, which at first were very foreign and strange, but he trusted Steve and we are so fortunate to have had Steve's influence and counseling. We are close to completing his culinary education and look forward to an opportunity for our son to really experience a full and abundant life. Thanks Steve. We appreciate you.  Sharon E.


I rate Live Now far beyond what Eckart Tolle tries to convey to the seeker. I found, that Live Now gives you the actual tools you use every day in every situation . As you use the tools you experience the incredible benefits of separating from your thinking identity. Eckart Tolle talks about the truth, but unless you experience it you won't know it and have it.  Helen K.

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